Wednesday, December 16, 2009

House Of Blues Art Festival and Battle of the Blues

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

House of Blues Art Festival and Battle of the Blues

You are cordially invited to the House of Blues Art Festival and Battle of the Blues to be held on October 3rd and 4th. This year's invitations will be sent to gallery owners and buyers. If interested please send us your mailing address. Cocktails will be served Saturday evening October 3rd. from 7 until 9. B.B. King will be performing in concert that night so if you want tickets please call the ticket master office at House of Blues. You don't want to miss this opportunity. We are giving two prizes this year one Artist Choice award and Best of Show. Best of show will be the next festivals post card and media art for HOB
Personal Interests:
If you are an artist of any media we this year are accepting applications to celebrate all art forms and would love for you to participate. So we need a couple of things from you.
Since media coverage is part of this event we will need the following information:

Artist Name:
Number of Attendees:
Artist Medium:
Phone Number:

$50 entrance fee for one day or $75 for both days paid in advance. This includes food and beverage for artist participants. You must provide your own tent. Spaces will assigned as applications are returned.

You can find your application at this link. Please print and send back to The House Of Blues In North Myrtle

Any questions please call:

Valerie Kontra 843-913-3730
Kimberly Dawn Clayton 843-333-8823 and email is

Deadline is September 15th 2009.

This years artist chosen for the promotional postcard for House of Blues is Fleetwood Covington.
Congratulations on a job well done.


We are booking fast and need a band count by the end of this month. We are on a talent scout for House of Blues. We are looking for all Blues and Bluegrass Musicians. We have 36 time slots and three stages. They will include the Sugar shack, the restaurant and court yard.The Prize for the winner will be a booking at the House of Blues and a graphics poster of your Band done by the talented Graphic artist Jeff Norris. We have talent scouts already booking bands from Nashville,Chattanooga,Atlanta and Asheville.
For more information please contact

Jeff Hulse at
Please give us a 24 hour turn around on reply. This is going to be an amazing weekend given it is the same weekend for BB KING and The Black Crows to play in the concert hall after our event!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I do tattoos, too

Well, I can design tattoos. No needles for me! My friend forever, Kelly, asked me to design a tattoo for him, complete with my signature on it. What an honor! Thank you Kelly!

Dining with Friends

I was asked to be a part of an art project this winter that brought artists together for an amazing cause. HIV and AIDS awareness. Careteam, a local non-profit organization whose mission is to create awareness to stop the spread of HIV has an annual fundraiser each year called, Dining with Friends. They asked local artists to paint plates to be auctioned off at their event. My plate (front and center!) made the cover of The Weekly Surge, a local alternative magazine.

My AMAZING Art Students!

A few months ago I held a six week art class on my dining room table of all places! (if you knew me, you would say there is no other way! Art for dinner, anyone??) It turned out to be a simple gathering of friends all supporting one another in their creation. We shared a lot of laughs, paint palates and plenty of wine. At the end of the class their work was displayed at Coastal Carolina University's drumming recital. It was great fun for some and for others has turned into re-discovering passions of the past.

My Kids, My Life

Talk to any parent and they will tell you that their biggest inspiration is their kids. My kids remind me to do crazy things, like build forts in the middle of the living room, or how bad it hurts when your heart breaks for the first time. Watching them discover their lives right before my eyes is my biggest inspiration of all.

The coolest store ever, Random (located at The Market Commons) is carrying my artwork again. Random carries everything from urban to chic to vintage. They have something for everyone, including an original Kimberly Dawn!

Noah Bug

I painted this of my son Noah. He is a "little me." :) Makes me smile just to think about those blue eyes. The words below make a grand attempt at capturing his essence, but maybe because I am his mom, I am a little biased.
He's an imp and an angel,a dreamer, a tease
An explorer of meadows, anda climber of trees.
A runner of errands, anddoer of chores.
Who tears his best trousers, andtracks up your floors.
He's a solemn young man withsome mud on his feet,
And a daredevil riding hisbike down the street.
A bundle of questions, whowants to know "why",
The world goes around andthe stars fill the sky.
But adventurous, timid, excited or quiet,
There's nothing so new that he won't care to try it.
And just when your temper andpatience wear thin,
He'll look up at you with an innocent grin.
And your heart melts again with your real pride and joy,
In that mischievous, wonderfult reasure--- your boy!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Art Classes - Artist Diary 101

When: Wednesday evenings
Dates: March 25th, April 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
Time: 6:00-8:00pm
Cost: $120 per person
Where: Kim's Art Studio

Artist Diary 101
Connecting with the artist in each of us is what separates people from just painting a “pretty picture” and painting from the heart. In this six week class we will journey inward to find your own individual creative voice. We will work within the parameters of journaling to develop a safe atmosphere in which the student can express themselves fully. Each student will need to bring an old hard cover book, one that they do not mind creating a work of art out of and also one that the words, images or pictures in the book is inspirational in some way.

Supplies you will need:
Recycled hard back book (example: old text book, hard cover novel)
Paint & Brushes (Tell Michael’s you are a part of this class and they will have your paints and brushes)

Monday, February 23, 2009

It was a Sweet and Dreamin' Day!

Thank you to all who came out to Sunset River Market Place this past weekend for my reception for Sweet Dreams. Thank you especially to Ginny Lassiter and her amazing team at Sunset River. If you have not yet taken a trip to Calabash to visit this amazing gallery, you are missing out. Over 250 artists from the Carolinas are represented, there is a fantastic space for art classes and a frame shop. A great BIG thank you to Dariel Bendin with Alternatives Magazine for being the "culture junkie" of this area. The arts are alive and well!!
My one woman show "Sweet Dreams" will be traveling nationally throughout 2009 with a few more stops here locally and then onto Tennessee, Atlanta, Charlotte, Wisconson and more! Please look for updates to my travel schedule.
My show will hang at Sunset River until march 14th and I am so excited to share with you all that my work will have a permament home with the Sunset River family after that. Please enjoy the photos and remember to support the arts!

Pictures courtesy of Carl Kerridge

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet Dreams- February/March Sunset River Marketplace

Sweet Dreams
A Collection of Art by Kimberly Dawn

When: February 9th-March 14th
Where: Sunset River Market Place in Calabash, NC
Reception: February 21st from 2:00-5:00pm with Afterparty at Benny Rappa's in North Myrtle Beach

Bikini clad surfer girls glide smooth amongst schools of rainbow fish.
Fish eyes are doors to the heavens while mysterious angels soar up above.
Jade green, sky blue and chestnut brown eyes peer into your heart from the shadows offering reassurance on some nights… others- conviction.
Scenic landscapes splashed with brilliant sunsets present a sanctuary for the soul,
A safe haven wrapped in color.
Tootsie rolled, Pop Rockin’ girls do a sugary dance among bottle capped flowers.
A paintbrush moves across the sky with words to inspire, leaving a permanent mark on the walls of your heart.

Please join us at Sunset River Gallery from February 9th to March 14th and find yourself surrounded by Kim Dawn’s Sweet Dreams, a collection of new, re-newed and inspired art pieces. Kim has been described as a Visionary Folk Artist. Her Impressionist influences cast a wistful spell on the observer. Her commitment to using recycled products has held great sway amongst artists in the Myrtle Beach area as many of them now look to the side of the road or perhaps a building site to transform unwanted items into cherished memories.

LIVE Painting with CCU Drummers

How amazing does it feel to create, free flow, "get in the zone", let the rythm of the drum move me from the depths of my souls through my palate to the canvas.
Well, I can tell you that it feels pretty good. This past Saturday I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to team up with Kury and his troup of drummers from Coastal Carolina University. They drummed while I kept the beat with my brush. I hope you enjoy the result. Peace, Kim

Title: Alive

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tropical Mural with the Moyers!

Commissions can be my favorite pieces to create. Commissioned art is when I get to help my client create a reality out of their vision and imagination. Nothing is sweeter than the satisfaction of knowing I successfully accomplished this task.

The Moyers (Dr. Joe and wife Barbara) were considering adding to their already very unique and artistic home with a mural on a 10 by 10 wall space, 20ft high. Their family is inspired by tropical birds, music and using the art around them to keep the memories of their favorite place, Hawaii, alive in their hearts. When I visited their home I was greeted by many original works painted right onto their walls!
I wanted to create something that would touch each member of the family and also offer them something truly "one of a kind." I sketched out a beautiful cove with pristine water in the background and a mountain landscape. In the foreground, a few trees with their favorite tropical birds. A ukulele was painted in leaning against one of the trees to honor Dr. Moyers love of music and amazing collection of ukulele's he has acquired. The icing on the cake for this mural was an added 3-D affect with a bird cage, a small tiki face and two birds perched on the limbs of the trees. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Love, Kim

Monday, February 2, 2009

Art for "Gated", a play in NYC

With the help of the Global Awareness Project, located in Myrtle Beach and The Collective in New York City, my art is traveling to the city that never sleeps to be a part of The Collective's UPRISING Series, February 3rd-8th. I was honored to have the opportunity to read an amazing play written by Marisa Marquez and then have full creative freedom to create work to go along with the opening. I hope you like it!

Through the curtains, behind closed doors and beyond the cast iron of luxury living at Las Penas Hills– we find out why the residents are truly GATED.
A new play by Marisa Marquez
Directed by Alisa Matlovsky**

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About the Artist


Out of the mountains of Tennesee and onto the Beaches of the Atlantic coast... meet Kimberly Dawn. Kimberly is a self-taught visionary folk artist who is lucky enough to have been doing what she loves for the last eleven years. Kimberly lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her three greatest works, her children, Leslie, David and Noah.

Kimberly's preferred mediums are acrylics, oils, airbrush and rattlecans. Her preferred canvases are strictly limited to whatever she can get her hands on. One man's trash is Kimberly's artistic treasure. Windows, doors, hubcaps, skateboards and furniture all have a story worth telling through her brush. Kim has also painted some crazier things like a VW Beetle, a Jeep, a motorcycle, a few boats and a boat dock to name a few personal favorites.

Influences and inspirations have never been hard to come by for Kimberly. Her greatest influence... her grandfather, furniture designer Stapleton Long. Her greatest inspiration... life. Kimberly's work is a painted diary of emotions, feelings and dreams. Her river of inspiration will never run dry.

Kimberly's list of accomplishments is long and colorful. She has illustarted six children's books and one cookbook which can all be found at major retailers worldwide. She has worked with ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and countless hotels, restaurants, churches and private collectors. Her work can be seen locally at House of Blues, Collector's Cafe, Random, Got the Goods, Needful Thing, Columbia Mall, South Island Steak House and the Sand Seas Hotel. Private Collectors include recording artists B.B. King, Scott Weiland, Amy Grant and Nicole C. Mullen, NASCAR's Ricky Rudd, the Moon Pie company and many others.

A School of Fish

My fish, with their signature door handle or bottle capped eyes are a favorite among clients and art collectors. All are made from recycled materials. Prices from fish range from $35-$200 based on size.

Candy Girls

Find Me :)

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email -

Thursday, January 1, 2009


My angels seem to take a life of thier own. They have evolved through the years. My Signature "Keyed Angel" Collection will be making an appearance at my one woman show, "Sweet Dreams" traveling nationally throughout 2009. Prices for angels vary based on size.