Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet Dreams- February/March Sunset River Marketplace

Sweet Dreams
A Collection of Art by Kimberly Dawn

When: February 9th-March 14th
Where: Sunset River Market Place in Calabash, NC
Reception: February 21st from 2:00-5:00pm with Afterparty at Benny Rappa's in North Myrtle Beach

Bikini clad surfer girls glide smooth amongst schools of rainbow fish.
Fish eyes are doors to the heavens while mysterious angels soar up above.
Jade green, sky blue and chestnut brown eyes peer into your heart from the shadows offering reassurance on some nights… others- conviction.
Scenic landscapes splashed with brilliant sunsets present a sanctuary for the soul,
A safe haven wrapped in color.
Tootsie rolled, Pop Rockin’ girls do a sugary dance among bottle capped flowers.
A paintbrush moves across the sky with words to inspire, leaving a permanent mark on the walls of your heart.

Please join us at Sunset River Gallery from February 9th to March 14th and find yourself surrounded by Kim Dawn’s Sweet Dreams, a collection of new, re-newed and inspired art pieces. Kim has been described as a Visionary Folk Artist. Her Impressionist influences cast a wistful spell on the observer. Her commitment to using recycled products has held great sway amongst artists in the Myrtle Beach area as many of them now look to the side of the road or perhaps a building site to transform unwanted items into cherished memories.

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